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from by Ed Word III

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My flow is a river of ancient souls
Contaminated by tainted love and painted gold
Foretold by the saints of old
So I hold blank scrolls in cold hands
And transcribe codes and programs
To unfold tenfold the power of one man
Sacred origami, geometry of the spirit
The angle of stars aligns
With cosigns in the minds eye of the blind messiah
My pineal gland transcends time
Bends rhyme
Forming rings of fire in the eye of the storm
Where desire was born with four horns
To challenge the four horsemen
It's dance with the devil
And ten poor orphans
The endorphins have already entered the stream
It may seem that I'm spittin'
But I'm really hittin' your chakras with energy beams

The world grows smaller as my mind expands(x4)

(Lyrics Spoken)
The world grows small
Time flies leaving you in awe
Automatic flow mind grows so true and all
Jack of trades do it all
Lyrical coup de gras
P.O.E. back like the hooks of a newer bras
Like you never knew at all
Lost your mind medically
Lyrics eat knowledge, brainiac
E.T. pedigree
Lines blow your mind, Kennedy
Gotta hand it, extremity
Break the bank no memory
Food for thought, telepathy
Best believe, know thee P.O.E.
Got hits so O.D.
Dope flows fo' free
Come together, goatee
Holy God flow for mankind no Foley
It's goin' down like Kobe
Through the net, goalie
So we lyrically rich, new whip no Toby
Goin' pasta, macaroni
Looking for the old me
So I drop the Mic and leave these bars, parolee


Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Brahman, Zoaraster
The great Shaman, The Jedi Master
Is what you're seeking, is what you're after
Then look within
You're hiding pain in your porcelain palace
And jammin' to Alice in Chains
I'm calling you out of the flames
I'll enter your brain through interdimensional plains
And shatter the stained window
At a tempo predicted by a Shinto Prophecy
I the modern Samurai
Poppin' a Tropicana while choppin' the propaganda
With topical panoramas of truth
This is not philosophy
It's matter transformed to energy
By conquering the ego
My only enemy
A lonely entity in a sea of people
He owns me mentally
Til the moment I am freed by empathy
And essentially return to the essence of man
And the world grows smaller as my mind expands


from Salem Jeru, released June 23, 2017
produced by Suplex from Beat Bruisers
mixed and mastered Ghost of 8412 Music


all rights reserved



Ed Word III Los Angeles, California

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