Salem Jeru

by Ed Word III

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02:13 video


released June 23, 2017

production by Hungry Ghost, Suplex and Salem Jeru


all rights reserved



Ed Word III Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: A Servant's Philosophy
The lost souls are the stars that blaze
In The Watcher's gaze as he offers praise
The Apostles fade to black and grey
An array of light in shades of darkness

Our shadows dance to fancied tunes
That bloom from memories in the enemies room
We shall not go softly, whatever the cost
We shall rage, Rage

And on that good night
Bare witness to the dying of our plight
Self imposed
The blackest rose that only grows
In snow and endless white
So it renders sinless sight

Please remember we are embers
Semper Fi
Simplify the Central Eye
What's meant to die will pass away
As temples rise in perfect lines with shining stars
As they explode from gentle skies
In late December

Sight will enter tombs of flesh
The dead will rise and give you breath
When you decide to give to them
What's deep inside you always hide
And pride protects

I beg of you
Surrender this
Save us all
And nothing less
Is a Servant's Philosophy
Track Name: Channeled
Meta-terrestrial visit
Born to defy
Newtonian physics
Not sayin I'm fly
I merely imply
That gravity does not apply to I
I, pull out both eyes and use them for spelling divine
Blind to the reason but not to the fact
In fact
My mind is in question but faith is in tact
Tactical syntax impacting the masses amasses a fascist nation
Masquerading as democracy
Plutocracy, hypocrisies
The pyramid structure is isosceles
The fulfillment of the prophecies
Of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates
Offers me
Peace of mind
My mind is not their property
So I speak of entropic atrocities
With increasing velocity
And kick flows like I'm walking across the sea
Nonfiction, Egyptian Alchemy
I'm the falcon that sits on the balcony
And meditates on the mastery of blasphemy
No, truth is not mass produced in a factory
I'm not rappin' actually
I'm touhcing your soul with a morphic field of love
So of course it heals when you feel that the source is real
And the forces yield to the power of
Dark horse on a course for the light
Leaving designs in the sands of time
Reaching for the hand of God
Only to find that that hand is yours, that hand is mine
So we pantomime
Repeating patterns of past that we can't define
Only lessons of the heart will advance the mind
To climb the tree of life and break the trance
The expanse of time
OH, isn't this dance divine
And these words just can't be mine
They were written in the stars to enhance the signs
And these words just can't be mine
They were written in the stars to enhance the signs
And these words just can't be mine
They were written in the stars to enhance the signs

And these words just can't be mine
They were written in the stars to enhance the signs
And these words just can't be mine
They were planted in an ancient tomb to advance the times
And these words just can't be mine
They were carved in the starving soul to enchant the mind
These words just can't be mine
They were written in the stars to enhance the signs

Applying the science of Mayans
We look to the skies for defiance of lies
In the silence of space
Receiving the guidance of giants that time has erased
That star may have died
But it's light is a grace in the face of eternal night
Equinox of my journal is vernal
The spine of my rhyme book aligned with the Sun
Every letter in tune with the moon
On my lips sits a solar eclipse
My people consumed by the dark side, aparthied in bloom
The rose that they hide in the Vatican archive of doom
I was not conceived in womb
I rose from the tomb of Osiris the 7th of June, exhumed
Painted the heavens maroon
Bloody Sunday, afternoon
A splash of color in a black lagoon
To summon my brothers our mother awaits
The moment we wake from the last cocoon
The great K'atun
Through the open mind the stargate resumes
And we are soon to find platoons of like-minds in the dunes of time
I am Ed Word to the square root of 9
And I live in an Einstein-Rosen Bridge
With a Firebird
Who gives me rhymes
So you see
These words just can't be mine
They were written in the stars to enhance the signs

(Chorus 2x)
And these words just can't be mine
They were written in the stars to enhance the signs
And these words just can't be mine
They were planted in an ancient tomb to advance the times
And these words just can't be mine
They were carved in the starving soul to enchant the mind
These words just can't be mine
They were written in the stars to enhance the signs
Track Name: Phoenix (feat. Blueprint)
He been a starter since he first walked through the door
Skills undeniable, they had to put him on the floor
Just when you thought he showed it all
He would show you more
Saw at his way out since his family was poor
Moms workin' 60 hours just to make some change
Overtime sometimes she couldn't make it to the game
It never got him down
He would always play the same
Knowin' what she sacraficed for him
Wasn't all in vain
Junior year All City in a major way
Broke his leg when he got fouled on the breakaway
Out the whole year and never had a chance to play
Didn't know the groupies and the fame would all fade away
Couldn't play ball so got a job after school
Flippin' burgers, people laughin', he the opposite of cool
Humblin' experience but did what he had to do
Learnin' how to help his family is what got him through
He saw the big picture once he was out of focus
To rehabilitate his injury when no one noticed
Pushed through all the pain like the coldest soldier
Then came back to play his senior year so much stronger
Team Captain with no insecurity
17 years old with grown man maturity
Leader on the floor and in his community
Cause now in every setback he sees opportunity

Chorus(Audio clip)

We're all fightin'
Fly by night to find thy light in
The finite shadows of Titans
As twilight heightens
A life enlightened by darkness
A starvin' artist whose heart departed
In broken years of smoke and mirrors
As he choked his hopes with fear and open bottles
Though his flesh remained his ghost appeared
And boasted chains to float through life and numb the pain
Til all he had
Was a pen and a pad
And pages stained with the same refrain
Of how the shining sun becomes the rain
But he glimpsed peace when those same notes became
The eye of the storm
And his mind transformed as his focus changed
And he wrote an opus
The story that he came to tell of how the angels fell
But began to rise
When the fire inside was inspired by the flames of hell

(Audio clip)
Track Name: Voice
It's like
I just woke up from the dead
With enough stuff in my head
To fill a book for every moment in life
That you wanted to speak but nothing was said
And giving a voice to the silence
Is an art and a science
Like painting pictures of particles
That compose the heart of a giant

But it was painted with blood
Tainted with love
So in a display of defiance
It leaped off of the canvass and into the mud
And then a man sprouted out of the clay
And started to play with the nothing
That stood in his way

My only challenge is me
For all that I see I've created
A dream that I pulled from the stars
I've never written these lyrics
These bars are scarred in my spirit
Like I was murdered with poems
And then arose from the tar

And the word became flesh on my bones
And I the testament that beckons you home
I built the pyramids then slept on the stone
Now I'm out of my sarcophagus
To propagate the populous
Ascending through the oculus
And topple this Acropolis

We marchin' on the city of Rome
Suddenly emerging from the margins
Between myth and biology
You ready Freddy?
This is Jason and the Argonauts
We make dreams into Waking Life
And What Dreams May Come
From the Tears of the Sun
are The Passions of Christ

My flows turn riptides to undertows(under toes)
By walking on water
Bringing peace where the thunder goes
You either do or don't wanna know
Welcome to the puppet show
A hand full of chiefs have been eating all the buffalo
And we don't have enough to show
To justify we shouldn't go Geronimo
Joshua at Jericho
It's gonna take a miracle
But that's my fuckin' specialty
I'm manifesting parables

Gathering Samaritans
And governance is terrified
Cause love is uncomparable
I'm carrying the wisdom of Sumerians
And channeling the spirits of original Americans
Our enemy is arrogance

So it's humble when I'm telling you
There is no comparison
There's no distance between you and I
Our relationship is Baltimore and Maryland
Star and Sky
We are One
and I am I
Track Name: Dreamers
(Audio clip)

The way the flow rides beats is tantric
You can't anticipate my slanted antics
As semantics dance on canvas
Giving breath to fantasies
I'm a lantern in the heart of darkness
Where phantoms banter with an artist
Carving anthems in the carcass of a panther
I've stolen inspiration from the spirit of a bandit
He told me come upon them in the night
Then your candor must be candid
So I'll continue emptying my heart
By spouting from the mouth
I insist upon insisting that I'm sick
Til the day I flicker out
I suppose I go through these withdrawals
Cause I'm always kicking flows
Watering these ugly seeds until they sprout
And the beauty is exposed
When I die
From the wound will grow a rose

Chorus(Audio clip)

Looking to destroy the common way
With my hands upon the eye of Amun-Ra
So I put a pen to paper
Then I watch the letters play
Like Children of Light
Building temples in the night
To align them with heavens
Telling stories of the Eve
These piano keys have opened doors
Where metaphors were locked away
A vast array of colors also laced with spots of grey
All contained within a room
Where you can watch the Devil pray
And the ugliness of beauty
Is subtly displayed
When the people are afraid
It is not that we are evil
Hearts are simply cast in darkness
By the truth that they betray

Chorus(Audio clip)

The writing's on the wall
Using my apartment as a parchment
For my heart is a compartment for the force within us all
Watch the world around me darken
As the jargon of the bargain keeps swallowing the light
Til angels learn forgiveness and Lucifer is pardoned
We are humans seeking stardom by returning to the fight
Burning candles in the garden where the serpent gave us sight
Along came the servant of the night
Like a moth unto the flame
Smokeless as it was, growing brighter in the rain
Til the Moon became the Sun
Shedding light on revolution
Change in usage, evolution of the gun
And when it's done
Only one remains
We are the same
Letters written in blood stains
Track Name: Fortune Teller (feat. Lyrics Spoken & Triniti)
Listen all
This beat is but a crystal ball
I found it sittin' in the endless hall of all creation
Look upon it with your ears and hear the future call
Soundin' like woman singin' sittin' on a seven headed dragon
As she's dancin' with the beast
Final feast
Last call before a thousand years of peace
Sun is risin' in the east as tyrants fall
Castin' shadows that will dance with deceased
Come and kick it with the walking dead
Conversate with talking heads that think that they're the livin'
Haven't recognized this prison
Where the broken souls of Zion come to die until they're risen
The future's just a past that is cast as reflection
On the glass of your perception
So prophecy is merely recollection of the path to resurrection
Only recognized by asking for direction from the deepest of connections
What you see is but projections of infections in the mind
And I am but a gypsy
Takin' up collections for the blind


(Lyrics Spoken)
The cryptic mystic
Takin' shots, no ballistics
With smeared lipstick from this chick
Word, linguistics
Spit sickness, plague fans, what is this?
Sadistic punchlines, killin' myself, masochistic
While reppin' my district
Stack cake, no Bisquick
Oil pimpin' on some slick shit
Ham animalistic
Cause I'm
Engaged to the present Merry Christmas
And you can't fix this
So YOLO apocalyptic
And that's word from the fortune
Tell her why it's coursing in her blood
Release endorphins
Paint a future lavish livin' bigger portions
Clothes and jewels
A black ranger mighty morphin'
Morphine coursing
Give her red eyes no chlorine
Lies and predictions
Facades creating more fiends
Truth be told, images foreseen
From the Son of the Morning
Fortune Teller warning as we sing...


My future was written by magical mathematicians
That cannot be deciphered with the ciphers of earthly diction
Dating back
To the beginning of Genesis
The Universe
Molded into one and the pyramids represented
The Earth, Father and Son
And the Holy Spirit existed on a plain
Astronomical, beautiful, holy matrimony
Demons of the past shaping us in the present
The Nephilim congregating, nominating the Reverend
They believe
Every human being was made from sediment
Forgetting The Breath of Life
How we were made in Heaven
They deceive and convolute the congregation
Praying that the prophecy will not unify the nation
Seven beasts of revelations will never defeat
The commander and chief inside of me
This the future
So I give every part of me through language and speech
Praying that they believe and see the Triniti, HAH!
Track Name: She
She is me
In third person with an extra "S"
My reflection
The piece of my soul that I could never quite express
Til we were reunited
Mind spirit and flesh
When I look into her eyes
I am humbled for a moment and my ego starts to die
You need an eagles heart to fly
She reminds me who I am
As my lips caress the sky
We hold each other in silence for hours
As our love testifies to the power
Where the starseeds grow
And the sun flowers in the snow
If my blood was full of hatred
She would bleed me dry on sacred ground as angles cry
A thousand times
Recreates me

Chorus(Audio clip)

I love to wander in her irises
Endless fields of blue and violet
See her love is the virus to my doubt
Infectious to the fiber of my being
The fire in an icy core
Oh, more than adore(a door) my amore
Your eyes are a gateway to the heavens
My off key angel singing brings me harmony
As we ride side by side where we've lived and died
Destined to collide and abide creation
Twin flames
Ten frames from end game
When rains block the Sun
She sees past my past and pen names
In pain she leans on no man
She reaches for the hand of God
So my pen stains pages in her honor
Your honor
My devotion to you
Forever as true
As your blue eyes peering through the disguises of my heart
Reveal me
Are her

(Audio clip)
Track Name: Expand (feat. Lyrics Spoken)
My flow is a river of ancient souls
Contaminated by tainted love and painted gold
Foretold by the saints of old
So I hold blank scrolls in cold hands
And transcribe codes and programs
To unfold tenfold the power of one man
Sacred origami, geometry of the spirit
The angle of stars aligns
With cosigns in the minds eye of the blind messiah
My pineal gland transcends time
Bends rhyme
Forming rings of fire in the eye of the storm
Where desire was born with four horns
To challenge the four horsemen
It's dance with the devil
And ten poor orphans
The endorphins have already entered the stream
It may seem that I'm spittin'
But I'm really hittin' your chakras with energy beams

The world grows smaller as my mind expands(x4)

(Lyrics Spoken)
The world grows small
Time flies leaving you in awe
Automatic flow mind grows so true and all
Jack of trades do it all
Lyrical coup de gras
P.O.E. back like the hooks of a newer bras
Like you never knew at all
Lost your mind medically
Lyrics eat knowledge, brainiac
E.T. pedigree
Lines blow your mind, Kennedy
Gotta hand it, extremity
Break the bank no memory
Food for thought, telepathy
Best believe, know thee P.O.E.
Got hits so O.D.
Dope flows fo' free
Come together, goatee
Holy God flow for mankind no Foley
It's goin' down like Kobe
Through the net, goalie
So we lyrically rich, new whip no Toby
Goin' pasta, macaroni
Looking for the old me
So I drop the Mic and leave these bars, parolee


Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Brahman, Zoaraster
The great Shaman, The Jedi Master
Is what you're seeking, is what you're after
Then look within
You're hiding pain in your porcelain palace
And jammin' to Alice in Chains
I'm calling you out of the flames
I'll enter your brain through interdimensional plains
And shatter the stained window
At a tempo predicted by a Shinto Prophecy
I the modern Samurai
Poppin' a Tropicana while choppin' the propaganda
With topical panoramas of truth
This is not philosophy
It's matter transformed to energy
By conquering the ego
My only enemy
A lonely entity in a sea of people
He owns me mentally
Til the moment I am freed by empathy
And essentially return to the essence of man
And the world grows smaller as my mind expands
Track Name: Black
The view was blacker than night
Blacker than Africans back trackin' creation
Turning dark into light
Blacker than the backdrop of the heavens back when it cracked off
And the pride of the Angels cost them a fight
A price paid in the flesh
Their debt is the breath of this life
Blacker than thoughts
Seen through the eyes of a woman
Married to a man who makes his livin' beatin' his wife
Having forgotten himself
He lays hands on the bridegroom of the Christ
Blacker than the inside of a womb
Inside of a tomb
Buried in shadows on the dark side of the moon
They thought if the light didn't reach her
Than her Son wouldn't bloom
But Isis is Mary in death
Full of joy, her baby boy pressed to her chest
While jumpin' the broom
Blacker than the factor of absence
Blacker than the day after a night lacquered with absinthe
Blacker than the fabric of time
Wrapped in the play of the tragically fractured self centered mind
Our discontentedness still screamin' the winter is mine!
A tale of fiction entitled The Splintered Divine
God screamed as they dreamed they were fractals
They seemed practically dead
But were more aptly actually alive
So we cried
And light streamed from our eyes


So stare long
Into this abyss which you grip with iron fists
And give it a kiss as you wish it away
I am the beggar who's song
Is don't feed me teach me to fish and make fire from clay
Who once thought desire would lead me to bliss
And the reason is this
The eye of a needle is easy to miss
I needed a myth
To explain how these hands heal the blind while I bleed from the wrists
You may never see me but I leave you with this
As all that I am recedes to the season of mist
Received with burning amethyst flame
In this
The Garden of Eden
Where even the trees whisper of freedom
And speak of the secrets they hear from the rain
What I have eaten of knowledge
Consumes me in blackness til my shadows cease to exist
And there
Where I am nothing
I remember my name
And laugh at the pain
Track Name: Everybody Falls
It was getting high to 9/11 Fahrenheit
Where I discovered I was scared of heights
But Daddy I swear that I'm as brave as you
I could be a soldier too
It's just that
I've got a mind full of parasites
Terabytes of viruses contaminating paradise
Examining the erudite
And I confess I'm arrogant as fuck
Comparing life and death, light and flesh
Might just arrest my development
Or maybe I'm on the verge of something new
Newly found courage
To address the elephant we built the room around
And find out that he never weighed a million pounds but two
Like finding out the whole time that monster in the closet was you
But instead of opening the door and facing up
We created demons in lieu
Loosing Lucifer
Who only ever loved her when he had a use for her
Now we're swimming through the crucible
Crucified upon the crux of everything we thought was real
And everything that's really us
Crucified upon the crux of everything we thought was real
And everything that's really us

And he told me like
Forgive them for they know not what they do
And you
You know not who you are
Now I'm trippin' watching pigeons turnin' blue
As the Earth becomes the Sky
I'm becoming you
You becoming I
The whys becoming exes
Leaving questions in the past
The quest for answers is a cancer
He forgot the destination now he dances on the path
So here we are
The blessed unmanifested
A living star bleeds behind the curtain of a crescent moon
Awaiting certain doom
The seed must die for the rose to bloom
The seed must die for the rose to bloom
The seed must die for the rose to bloom

So I'm dying to myself instead of lying for my health
Cause I've been crying for a change
Now look at all the colors here where everything is stained
Blood spatters on the wall
Cause love matters, love matters
Love matters above all
I'm the dark matter in the nursery where angels learn to crawl
So come and get your mind erased
And celebrate the anniversary of time and space
Find a place among the dolls
No strings attached
Just black wings on the queen
And what the means is that
Everybody, everybody, everybody falls
Everybody Falls
Everybody Falls

(Audio clip)
Track Name: Undead
(Audio clip)

I aint got no time for the drama
Don't even pause at the commas
I've written when spittin', the clocks tickin'
And I keep my eyes on the sparrow
That's flying the narrowist path
That will lead to the secret teachings of pharoahs
Playing poker with cards from the tarot
Dealer pulled The Fool on the river
I flipped The Sun and The Moon
Creation is to I
As the Summer to June
And watch me rearrange the planets just by bumpin' a tune
Spittin' bars on the beat that made the stars cry
When they saw that all the Angels were scarred
The road to Zion is hard
For you will never know the light til you travel to the dark side
Take a walk among the garden of tombs
And find me sittin' on your grave
Pourin' water on your headstone
And prayin' for your spirit to bloom
This was written in your heart
I'm just channelin' the archives

Chorus(Audio clip)

For we are so much more
Than the distorted designs
Reported to climb
Forward from primordial slime
Upon the ladder of time
It was patterns of thought
That taught the atoms to scatter or not
Ah hell
All matter is a matter of mind
So gather the blind
With any data you find on Venus and Saturn in trine
And let it be known
The Traveler's home
Remember when I sat on the throne
Gatherin' bones with gavels and clones
Lathered in chrome
Then I went to turn The Dragon to stone
Because I had to atone
And the aroma was of burning a poem
Within a cavern of stone
Now drink of this ash and ink
And be free of what the masses think
Black mass, dark matter and The Master's link
So arise from the dead as your casket sinks
In a river called the past
Running past the Sphinx

(Audio clip)